Monday, May 20, 2013

What are you so Proud of?

We all need a  little bit of  Pride to live a worthy life.

However, if this Pride reaches a certain level, it could turn into Ego. 

Alas, the route is down hill for a person surrounded by Vanity. He will suffer mentally and emotionally, which could turn into a physical torment.

Knowing the level of pride within is very important.

A certain amount of pride will help a man sustain amidst all the turmoil he faces. This pride will make him get up when in shambles. It will be his stick to hold on to, when surrounded by negativity.

What is that pride within you, that makes you get up and get going each day?

I take pride in being an intelligent human. However, the day I forget to gratify my existence, vanity will take my pride over.

Mantra for today: Gratification and Pride go hand in hand.

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