Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do you Flirt with your Dark side?

We all have our dark sides which makes us turn into a devil for a few minutes in a day. We tend to get enveloped by negativity, and that makes our heart beat go high.

At that moment of time, everything seems grey, and frustration is at it's peak. Life seems worthless, and we tend to reflect on what have we achieved so far...

That is our darkest moment of our day, and we regret it as we sit down and look at our emotional wounds.

Try to be in command over it, by flirting with your dark side.


When dejected over a failure, we tend to come in the present moment. That makes us look at just the negative of the situation and make us lament more. As tears flow out due to emotional pain, we look around at people who are thriving and laughing.

Flirt with this situation by continuing to be in it. The more you lament, the better it is for you to get over it.

You tend to take out the blame with no shame. You cry, and you squeal.

End: You feel so much lighter.

It is like licking your wounds by making advances with your inner self.

Man is a known flirt then why not practice this art over thyself, and learn to be happy.

Mantra for today: Life is a big flirt.

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