Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best Friends Forever? (BFF)

A friend is someone who can keep your secret and make you feel safe and protected. Many vouch for such friends.

But, the testing time comes when you have a high profile and your BFF goes and announces all that you and your better half have planned about your future and it is all over the newspapers.

Unfortunately, Kate Middleton is in the same situation. Her friend proved to be the informant and announced her pregnancy. She also landed up giving all the minute details about her relationship with Prince William.

Fail to understand what was her friend, Jessica thinking. In order to get in the limelight, she lost a friend's trust. Unfortunately, this kind of public attention does not take you far. It sure gives you attention for a couple of minutes, but then people know the actual YOU, and try to avoid you in the future. Once a friend breaks the code of ethics, she will be avoided by her other buddies. That is not a good scenario.

The above incident made me think of the ethics of friendship and what is it all about.

So, what is the code of friendship all about? How much is it by choice? How can we know if a friendship is true and a friend will stand by thick and thin times? Is friendship meant to last forever?

Since, Man is a social animal, he will be needing friends so, if he is not loyal to his buddy then how can he expect the same from them?

Mantra for today: Treat others just like you would like to be treated.
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