Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Memories are made when our brain cells register an  incident.

This incident could be a pleasurable or a miserable one, thus labeling our memory to be a pleasant or ugly.

Unfortunately, when a human is asked to go down memory lane, he will usually spit out the hurtful memories first and then maybe come out the good memories.

Science does not distinguish unhealthy versus goodness in our brain cells. Then why is man always thinking of the ugly things first that made a memory?

It is our subconsciousness.

We register the ugliness first and take the pleasurable one for granted. Thus, when given a chance vomit out the unpleasant memories.

If we show gratitude towards every incident, we will be able to register the righteous over the bad.

Mantra for today: Gratitude towards each situation can make a person humble.
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