Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Female Bloggers

Lack of time and distances often make an individual hard to understand. Thus, making communication an important key in all relationships.

Man is a social animal and thrives upon relationships for his mental stability. If today, he does not have time to sit and talk; chances are his tomorrow will be lonely.

I thank my ability to express myself via my words cause if my keyboard and my finger tips would not have been in synch; I would have been a lonely soul.

Again writing without being heard is also depressing. It is like talking in an empty room.

Life offers you bounties in an elusive way. I was blessed to gain my audience via the Social Media and the many groups that could read me out.  This gives a writer/blogger the confidence to advent her journey with assurance of having a backbone to her reflections.

There is a group of dynamic women by the name of Indiblogeshwaris. This group originated from India, my home country, on June 2nd, 2012.
These women are not only dynamic but also play an active role in changing the social front with positivity.

Woman today is being mutilated across the globe but it is woman who stands tall no matter what.

 Her sensitivity towards various issues makes her blog dynamic.

Jai ho to all the female bloggers out there!

Mantra for today: Never under estimate the power of a female blogger!

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