Friday, April 26, 2013


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I am very passionate about Singing.

This was not my inborn talent. I loved it thus, wanted to develop it within me.

My journey was frowned upon by many including my parents whenever I would open my mouth.

Make my neighbors put cotton in their ears while cursing, "Here, she goes again!"
But, singing gave me pleasure, and I used to feel 2 pounds lighter than my usual weight (believe me that is remarkable progress especially when you want to put on those skinny pants)

As they say that if an individual has strong emotion for a thing, she has to feel that burn within her and not worry about what others think.

As a kid, I started off as a bathroom singer. My voice would echo into the pipes, and that had its own advantage. Those pipes never clogged!

I was adamant, and come what may I continued to sing.

My mom could not handle it anymore; she put me in a music class, with the hopes that I will get my voice trained.

Initially my music teacher would question me about this passion of mine, and gave me many options to surrender.

My determination to tame this passion was strong.


My progress was magnificent.

I could make heads turn towards me, and they would sit and appreciate me sing. I knew that day would come since; this passion was head strong in me.

My journey was a rough one but, it ended with an applause and appreciation by all.

Mantra for today: Passion can make your life drive towards growth and prosperity.

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