Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bonjour Au revoir

The bold orange color big star just like the oranges growing in sunny California was near the horizon ready to say goodbye for that day. I was sitting on my hammock and swayed it gently with my dangling hands. My body lay rested and neglected as my back was arched in a funny way and surprisingly the muscles around it did not yell for help. 

I let it be as is and allowed my mind to wander aimlessly with no GPS attached. 

But soon my intellect came into action as I started getting goosebumps on my bare arms. 

'What is it?' I wondered and frowned upon as I tried hard to gulp.

 Unknowingly I had opened the forbidden gates, and there came the gush of tears along with a  burst of laughter. I choked at first then bit my lip to make a conscious effort to shut that door but alas! Memories are not physical bodies that can be shunned away; its aura flowed along while I closed my eyes and let them fill my brain as I took in big inhalations and forcefully exhaled with the thought that even that quality of air shall flow out. 

My conscious mind said a bonjour to those memories while making a note of some 10 things that I've done, and that I had promised myself never to do again.

  • Make empty promises: That moment feels so good to take someone to the stars by promising to do this and that. Alas! giving a wretched feeling when not being able to accomplish it. 
  • Drink lots of caffeinated drinks and indulge in sweets at the same time: Jeez! the after effects can be torturous to the body. Needless to say those extra pounds difficult to shed. 
  • Not be critical of me instead laugh at my mistakes: Making goals is what makes encourages a human to walk on this planet each day. But, if those goals not met, despair and criticism is quick to arise. Instead learn to laugh over it and thank for what is there.  
  • Drive a car with the oil light on: Procrastination is one thing that makes me always nod my head and raise my eyebrows when in an inconvenient situation. 'Just another mile! The car can take it'  Never take chances! 
  • Argue over politics: I have realized how passionate people are about this topic, they can tear you up emotionally if not physically! 
  • Not ask for feedback from any Tom, Dick or Harry: Self-confidence is essential or else the world can tear you up. Ask an expert or someone whom you usually confide in.  
  • Never argue over texting: That is not only bad for your fingers but also so much screen time. Communication is always the key! 
  • Never procrastinate over expired goods: Milk and Dairy products is always a No-No. The kinds of acrobats this does in your tummy can take days to wear off.
  •  Try to please everyone and anyone but myself: Need I say more? 
  • Keep at least two credit cards in my wallet: With the recent magnetic strip on the credit card, there are times when a store's machine refuses to recognize it. Jeez! to have a back up is so important since cash is never in my wallet. 

Phew! Now that all those awkward blunders were flowing away far away from my mind. I relaxed took a deep breath and came back to my present. Needless to say, my arched back had started complaining of a twitch which made me jump up from the fabric sling and stretch left and right to extend that muscle. Once I was out and about, the mind got distracted and I was happy to say Au revoir to those memories.

My 2 cents

To err is human but to repeat it again is a swine! 


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, with this week’s prompt a listicle of “10 things I’ve done that I can’t/won’t do again.”

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Embracing Psychiatry

Since all of us are imperfect, there are times when we face ambiguity on various junctions in life.

Sure, that is normal.

Question is how do we come out of it?

Do we start biting our nails (which some of us do) or breathe rapidly?

Alas, none works cause we gotta pay attention to things that will make us patient and calm at that point. It could either be deep breathing for some, exercise for many or meditate for a bunch.

Whatever helps to calm your nerves at that point of time to feel better, do it.

A period of apprehension can make any individual lose sight of what is right or wrong, and that can either make him take a hasty decision, which could turn into something disastrous.

Pondering over it for hours is helpful or even sleeping on the issue would be recommended.

A new morning gives a unique insight into the problem with a positive approach.

A classic example that the corporate world tries to use is giving a pink slip on Friday's.

Ever wonder why?

No, not because it is Thank God It is Friday (TGIF), but it gives an individual to ponder over his next move.

Theoretically, the individual has a weekend (which usually is a lull period for all), where he can analyze his next move, and he can choose to ground himself, research his avenues, and look into reshaping his future by making adjustments to his present situation.

Similarly, ask a high schooler whose one test score brings her GPA down. Questions such as "Why," "How" are very common. Honestly, there is no turning back but, moving forward with a new perspective will only come to her rescue.

Ask an individual who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Sure, there is shock and tears with the thought that how could my body do this to me? The period of doubt makes a person's thought process slow down. But, then ultimately he fights back to stay in the game.

My 2 cents

Time is not constant, and that makes the period of doubt unsteady. This results in nothing being constant, neither joy nor the ambiguity in life.

How do you deal with apprehensions?

Just as much attention we all pay to our physical body when it pains and we do not hesitate to go visit a doctor. The same applies to the mind..a visit to a psychiatrist is recommended.
Help is always around the corner when a medical specialist helps in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the mind when its' not thinking straight.

Mantra for today: We all are living a life that is cryptic and arcane thus, a small problem is like a needle in a haystack. Embrace help and live it up!


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I-scream disaster

"I'll have the butterscotch, please!" Meghan requested politely.

"One scoop or two," he asked in a hurried tone


"Be quick, young lady! I ain't the whole day." 

"I'm sorry, I can't decide," she said as she put her index finger in her mouth and swayed her 4-foot skeleton from left to right allowing the frills of her frock to bend along. 

"Next," he shouted leaving her cup as is and attended the next person in line. 

She was devastated, and tears came along.

"Nothing is lost! Do not cry," the mom ushered her on one side, "Let's share!" 


In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about “not all is lost.” It can include recovery from disaster, an unexpected insight after a fall, Join CarrotRanch for fun! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hope beneath the Loss

"Hi, Pink Carnations!" 
"Hi, Chrysanthemums!"
"Oh wait there come the Lilies," said the chrysanthemum.
"I also see Yellow Roses in that lady's hand." 

The Daffodils, Tulips, and the Gladioli with the yellow and the white carnations come along. 


All these flowers are placed on the coffin while humans stand in a circle with folded hands.  
At first, these flowers greet each other. Excited to form a concoction. 

These blossoms together emit a fragrance that makes the Homosapien realize as they cry softly upon the loss that there is hope and promise even when pain and heartbreak surround them.  


In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a bouquet. Join in the fun at CarrotRanch. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Know thy Food

We all know the basics: Food is not just a four-letter word or just another common noun that could be associated with anything. It is a word that satiates humanity when the stomach is rumbling as the hands are shaking and the mind is not able to focus. It is the good material that nourishes our system and our soul (depending on the kind of food we ingest) and allows our inner mechanics to function as we continue to breathe and juggle the many challenges that life throws at us. It helps us to keep our composure and think and act according to the circumstances. 
A slice of pizza could have excessive topping of a vegetable that you always disliked. 

Now once the basic hunger is satisfied, the man looks beyond the avenue of what our taste buds desire. 

Joyous or Sad or Gloomy....Junk food is what we all look into although research indicates that sugar is the most harmful substance on this planet, but whenever we have a mood swing we grab a pint of ice-cream or a shake or anything that could help brighten that mood of ours'. 

This is we, humans! 

We crave for something that has trans fat, unhealthy and lots of calories since when emotions run high, the body should go in the dungeon.


Now, sure we can't change the way humans are designed. We need to celebrate when high. We want to drown our sorrows when low in spirits. We need to let go when stuck up in some moment. 

In short...celebration demands junk food!

Let's face it..We are all food junkies. In our heart of hearts we would love to eat junk food any time of the day, but then there is some percentage of people who are mindful. They are cognizant of the fact that why disturb the body when the mind is agitated. 

However, most of us do not fall into that category and take the lash and whip across ourself not realizing the impact it will give later on. 

Darn the mantra of 'Health is Wealth' 

It's the 'Right now Right this moment that matters!'

Food Concoction is the way to go for all the food junkies who do not have control over their senses. All it needs is a bit of creativity and lots of honesty. 

Making a Concoction is creative. It could also taste good. Our taste buds would like the new so-called burger which is usually consisting of mayo, a slice of cheese, a patty, lettuce, slice of tomato, pickle. We could add a slice of roasted eggplant, a slice of zucchini, or any other vegetable which we hate the sight of. This could either make us start liking the plant that we cannot stand the sight of or just cut back on our excess calories by refusing to eat another burger for a long, long time.

With regards to sugar complement your scoop of ice-cream with granola or sliced nuts over it. 
A shake could have sliced fruits, or sweetened with agave instead of sugar. 

Next time when a mood swing hits you. Cook or celebrate your favorite junk food in style. Decorate with all the vegetables you hate the sight of and then serve it up in a big fancy platter. Let's be superficial to ourselves cause the society is so for our health's sake, we can afford to be with ourselves as well, and wait up for the reaction we would love to have all this time.



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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Fetch Game

"Attagirl!" he shouted as he threw a stick.

She narrowed her eyes and walked gracefully while eyeing it at times. Just then she saw berries hanging from a tree. She chose the latter, allowing the stick to land on the ground. 

Jack bawled.

She was unperturbed as she continued to pick the fruit with her long neck. 

He had no choice, but to wait until she was content. 

Threw the stick again, and this time she caught it in her beak effortlessly. 

Jack was quick to clap in jubilance, and she moved her feet and body to the tune.

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story defining “the charisma of cranes.” 

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Congress of Rough Writers'

The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1
Thirty writers began with 99 words. They went on to tackle a new prompt, extended stories, memoirist essays, and how to build a literary community with flash fiction. This is not your typical anthology.
Charli Mills, Series Editor, Publisher & Lead Buckaroo
Sarah Brentyn, Editor & Contributor

The Congress of the Rough Writers (contributors):
Anthony Amore, Rhode Island, USA; Georgia Bell, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Sacha Black, England, UK; Sarah Brentyn, USA; Norah Colvin, Brisbane, Qld, AU; Pete Fanning, Virginia, USA; C. Jai Ferry, Midwest, USA; Rebecca Glaessner, Melbourne, Vic, AU; Anne Goodwin, England, UK; Luccia Gray, Spain; Urszula Humienik, Poland; Ruchira Khanna, California, USA; Larry LaForge, Clemson, South Carolina, USA; Geoff Le Pard, Dulwich South London, UK; Jeanne Belisle Lombardo, Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Sherri Matthews, Somerset, UK; Allison Mills, Houghton, Michigan, USA; Charli Mills,Hancock, Michigan, USA; Paula Moyer, Lauderdale, Minnesota, USA; JulesPaige, Pennsylvania, USA; Amber Prince, North Texas, USA; Lisa Reiter, UK; Ann Edall-Robson, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada; Christina Rose, Oregon, USA; Roger Shipp, Virginia, USA; Kate Spencer, British Columbia, Canada; Sarah Unsicker, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Irene Waters, Noosaville, Qld, AU; Sarrah J. Woods, Charleston, West Virginia, USA; Susan Zutautas, Orillia, Ontario, Canada.
Published by Carrot Ranch Literary Community
Distributed & printed by Book Baby
Cover art by Ann Rauvola
Genre: Fiction
Subgenre: Anthologies (multiple authors); Literature Collections; Short Stories
Language: English
Series title: Congress of the Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology
Series Number: Vol 1
Pages: 150
ASIN: B078BWZ9MD (Digital)
ASIN: 154391795X (Print)
ISBN-13: 978-1543917956 (Print)
Thirty writers began with 99 words and forged literary feats. Vol. 1 explores the literary art of flash fiction, beginning with the earliest compilations at Carrot Ranch and later pieces based on a new flash fiction prompt. This is not your typical anthology. It continues with longer stories extended from the original 99-word format and essays on how flash fiction supports memoir writing. Based on the experiences at Carrot Ranch, the concluding section of Vol. 1 offers tips to other groups interested in using the flash fiction format to build a literary community.

Back Cover
Witness great feats of literary art from daring writers around the world: stories crafted in 99 words.
Flash fiction is a literary prompt, form, and tool that unites writers in wordplay. This creative craft hones a writer’s skills to write tight stories and explore longer works. It’s literary art in thoughtful bites, and the collective stories in this anthology provide an entertaining read for busy modern readers.
Writers approach the prompts for their 99-word flash with creative diversity. Each of the twelve chapters in Part One features quick, thought-provoking flash fiction. Later sections include responses to a new flash fiction prompt, extended stories from the original 99-word format, and essays from memoir writers working in flash fiction. A final section includes tips on how to use flash fiction in classrooms, book clubs, and writers groups. is an online literary community where writers can practice craft the way musicians jam. Vol. 1 includes the earliest writings by these global literary artists at Carrot Ranch. Just as Buffalo Bill Cody once showcased the world’s most daring riding, this anthology highlights the best literary feats from The Congress of Rough Writers.

5-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite
“A fascinating book packed with bright ideas and worthwhile material. I was greatly entertained by the stories and essays and so taken with the idea that I thought I would give it a go with a 99-word review.
Stories of ninety-nine words, no more, no less, little gems from the Rough Writers of the Carrot Ranch. Like wild flowers in an early morning meadow glistening with dew and I, a butterfly or bee, flitting from bloom to bloom, immersing myself in a kaleidoscope of experiences which pass through my mind like an ever-changing dreamscape. Stories of love and loss, victory and defeat, struggle and gain from the pens of talented authors with backgrounds as diverse as their stories. A brilliant idea that has created an astounding anthology, one that you will return to time and again.”
4-Star Review from Literary Titans
Link to the full-review:
“This anthology is meant to both encourage and inspire the next generation of writers and authors, so that the craft of storytelling is preserved and propagated. I felt like this book was geared more towards writers, or aspiring writers, but the average reader should not shy away. There is plenty to enjoy in this series. As with any piece of flash fiction, they are better consumed piecemeal and at your leisure. Don’t look for some overarching theme and take pleasure in the quick creation of thought-provoking ideas and compelling characters. If you like shows like The Twilight Zone, then you’ll like this collection…”
Where to purchase
The Congress of the Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1 is available through distribution in 17 countries worldwide. Buy direct from our Print on Demand distributor at Book Baby.
Amazon Global Digital:
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Available to US Libraries through Baker & Taylor
All profits from digital sales benefit The Congress of Rough Writers through a Travel Scholarship which is available by application to any active Rough Writer who needs help getting to a book or writers event. Profit from print books sustains the publishing and inventory cycle of Carrot Ranch Literary Community. Any excess profit is to be shared among the contributors. Any contributor to Vol. 1 can invest in their own inventory at wholesale cost and keep 100% of their profit.
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