Friday, May 17, 2013

When I was young...

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Today's sentence is:

When I was younger, I wanted to become the Prime Minister of a Country.

I was born in a country where Prime Minister is considered the head and has all the powers to pass a bill or a new regulation.

Since childhood, I was always taken aback by atrocities done on people, and had my thoughts on how to solve them. I still have my notebook titled, "When I become the PM of this country"

When I read it now, those plans were illogical. Although, I am happy and proud that my intentions were good.

As I grew into a teenager, I saw the ugliness in politics. How things could get manipulated, and people dethroned or the tactics used to get a seat.

Many people had labelled politicians as dishonest, and corrupted beings.

That seriously made me think and gradually I deterred from that path.

Destiny took me to other places and offered me many things in life.

Although my impractical notebook is still with me. I browse through it now and then and reminisce over it.

Mantra for today: Destiny is strong. I bow thee!


Janine Huldie said...

Oh I think you would have made a wonderful prime minister, but do see how the negatives could outweigh the positives on the one for sure. Thanks for linking up with us again and voted for you!!!

Kerri Ames said...

I would totally vote you into PM. You may never have forgiven me, but I still would have voted.

Susan Zutautas said...

I too think you would have made a great PM.

Kristi Campbell said...

Me too! You'd have been an awesome PM!

Chris Coyle said...

Had to chuckle that you said PM of A country - not picky? ;)

That does bring up a point - something I never really stopped to think about. In the US, you have to have been born here to become president, but that's not true everywhere. Seems odd somehow to move someplace else to become President/PM, etc. there. Nationality is so wrapped up in identity, you would think your #1 representative (Pres/PM) would have to be the same. That said, I guess it's like inter-racial marriage - not so unusual/important over time. What is totally "normal" nowadays would seem unthinkable in the past. There are much more mixed populations everywhere now. [#FTSF]

Stephanie Sprenger said...

It's funny when we become disillusioned by our childhood dreams, isn't it? I still like to read my old journals and remember how I was then...

Cyndi Calhoun said...

That's really cool, Ruchira. Our dreams are so big when we're so small, but they're always important and wonderful to have. You'd be a great Prime Minister, I think. ;)

Sunday Reflections or Stumbling Towards Happiness by Bill Holland said...

I never made it as a professional baseball player, but I did fulfill a dream of being a teacher. Destiny? I regrets for sure. :) Have a great weekend my friend.

Ruchira Khanna said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

Bill...You are filled with gratitude my friend, and I guarantee that life will never be mean to you!

Cyndi..when young, we are innocent and do not really know how tough it would be to attain a goal..thus dream big. Honestly, I would have sucked as a politician.

Stephanie, i love to read my old journels and honestly it is very fulfilling to see how innocent and raw we were :)

Well said Chris. I liked your thinking, my friend. Cheers!

Kristi, Janine, Kerri, all are very kind, my friend. Hugs and best wishes to you all.

joan robertson said...

Hi Ruchira, what a fantastic post! I can just imagine you as a PM, spouting mantras, that would really disconcert your political enemies and leave them standing with nothing to do!You would have been a wonderful influence! See you soon and have a great weekend!

Linda Roy said...

That is a great thing to want to be. You would have rocked it.

I'd like to invite you to join in on my Monday blog hop. It's open now and all week and there are a great bunch of bloggers there each week to meet, read and be read by!