Monday, October 13, 2014

How much Education can make you a literate?

As the Learned say, Education is one investment that will never go waste.

But, I wonder how much education is enough to make you a literate, and cultured enough to stand in a crowd and yet be confident of the decisions you made?

 Although, a man should be open to learning at any age, should he be earning a degree after the degree to get the label of a wise man? Sometimes, common sense and being in the right place at the right moment can do wonders for some. Luck also plays a prominent role in those who aim high. Examples are many that literally a site has been dedicated for college dropouts who have dared to touch the sky. Now, I am not encouraging anyone to drop out of college just to test drive their luck. But, with the increasing costs for everything, there is no harm in introspecting the courses one has enrolled in and finding his worth, passion or his future?  Nothing comes for free, thus taking loans to get a degree that will be the pride of your glass cabinet while you stress day in and out to work towards the payment of the credit makes no sense! Thus, next time when you get an enrollment form for a particular course; dig within and find something that we all have in common, which is not that common since we hardly use it, but it prevails! Common Sense!

There are people with degrees stacked up, and still not have the fundamental sense of living or dealing with pesky neighbors or relatives or any practical matter.

It is a good sense that enables judgment in practical matters and gives an individual the capability to be savvy and street smart.

Research has indicated that it is within all, but seldom do we tweet within and try to learn from our experiences and combine it with the wisdom we have attained from a mere degree!

Mantra for today: Common sense is not common, but it would make a lot of sense if understood.


Written in context to a prompt by Indiblogger:

What is Your Definition Of an Educated Person? And what is your opinion about Educated Illiterates

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