Monday, June 10, 2013

Fear Factor

Fear is a noun that causes apprehensions when the mind is confused over something.

I was in turmoil when my family went camping over the memorial day weekend. We accompanied our kids boy scouts troop.

Company and the food was in abundance. However, lights out was ordered at 10pm. We went to our respective tents to retire for the evening.

Usually a new place, does not make me sleep immediately. I was tossing around consciously, but with my eyes shut, so that my mind does not drift away to other places while I try to lull my body to sleep.

Suddenly, I hear foot steps around my tent. I could not refrain myself from keeping my eyes shut; I immediately opened them and tried to follow those footsteps by my ears while trying hard to come to a conclusion. There were 5 tents around my tent so, initially I thought it must be one of the persons from the tent, but this noise was very near my tent and would not go. I thought of it as a bear.

I did not want to sit up and wake up my family over it. My heart was beating fast that I could not breathe. My mind was racing relentlessly, and I could not think straight.

Then, I quickly forced my eyes shut, and took deep breaths. I told myself that I ought to remain calm and think straight. Grounded my self and started thinking of strategies to face this situation.

The noise was still coming, and I was confused that why hadn't this animal attacked yet?

I got up slowly while taking deep breaths, and I noticed a distinctive smell in the air. This smell usually occurs when it rains.

It was the RAIN

I mocked at myself on how the mind can make up things and take an individual into a trauma. This trauma avoids a man to use his senses.

Did you have any such occasion when your mind took over your senses?

Mantra for today: Controlling one's mind is tough, but awareness is the key!
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