Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Experience that made me a patron!

Horns are blasting, and brakes are screeching as I swear, pray, urge to my cab driver while constantly glaring at my watch.

Finally, we reached the destination. I had the exact change, tossed it at him, and dashed towards the airline check-in. In spite of my repeated pleas, the lady at the reception kept saying sorry!

Finally, I give in!
I accepted that I missed my flight.

Now what!

I take a few sips of water from the faucet, and pull out my phone and dial my travel agent's number. It was late, but since she was my neighbor, I could disturb her any hour, after all that's what neighbors are for: to be of help when in need!

She seemed half asleep, and honestly I was downright rude and came to the point, "Sarita, I have missed my flight, thanks to some rally of some minister. I need to reach Los-Angeles and what are my options?"

"Well, good morning to you too!" she was blunt.
I did not care.
After a pause, she started looking up for the next available flight.
"I have Lufthansa leaving in approximately 4 hours. They have only a few seats available. Should I book you on that?"

"Hello! you did not get me? I want to go to the city in America not in Germany." I blasted my voice into the phone thinking that she must be half asleep.

"Pervez, I know where you have to go!" she shouted back.

I realized we both were not going anywhere with these loud outcries. I took a deep breath and apologized. She narrated the itinerary to me, while texting me at the same time. I was directed to go to the airline to check in after completing the obligation of booking, payment and confirmation.

I checked in with a heavy heart while only eyeing at the destination. 

After the customs, I went in a cafe and bought all the vegetarian items I could see at that hour. A German flight could not cater to my needs, I thought so it is better to armor myself with lots of food so that I don't keep waging my tongue at my companion's tray, I thought.

After waiting in the lounge for an another thirty minutes, I was asked to board the flight.
I got up like a kid thumping my foot, not wanting to go, but then after realizing my important meeting in L.A I thought of letting this phase out and just focus on my goal.

As I entered the aircraft, I was greeted in a local language, I was quick to turn and saw the air hostess with a smile and hands joined together as a courtesy. I could not resist; I did the same.
Such is the power of a namaste!

I felt so much lighter.

After being assisted to my seat, I sank in, more so cause I realized how tired I was after the running, shouting, and coming to terms with destiny!

After the short video of safety and all, the flight departed from the soils of Delhi, India.

While rubbing the temples of the forehead, I was lazily clicking through their channels, and to my delight saw many movies and shows that were known to me. I sat up straight as if life had sprung into me, and as I put on the earphones, I started opening the wrapping of one of my eats that I purchased from the bistro.
Just then I was interrupted by a gentle "Excuse me" I looked up to see a plate of food. The aroma and the distinctive smell seemed well-known, and that made me peep into the contents of the tray, and was delighted to see vegetarian food.

"What! You serve Asian vegetarian food?" I said out loud.

The air hostess's expression was priceless, but I did not care.

I quickly opened my table tray, and starting digging in. Did not realize I was famished until that spoon of basmati rice with the delectable garbanzo beans went into my mouth.


What was I thinking? This flight is more Indian that I could think of!

An individual when in the air, just longs for smiles, friendliness, comfort food, entertainment that is closer to his heart, and a cordial ambience. The fares are reasonable with just a halt of ~2-3 hours thus making a traveller reach his destination in comfort without missing his home! 

Lufthansa, you have a patron here!

Mantra for today: Never evaluate a book by its cover!

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