Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do you accept your age?

We have all heard about some women lying about their age.

There are some who have been celebrating their 25th birthday since the last 5 years, and deny being old.

Wonder what goes on in their minds?

Are they scared to get old or  they yet have to accomplish some things in their lives so, the younger they are; the better.

I think it is the latter reason where she has a dream, and she yet has to achieve it.

Lying about her age will give her the mental satisfaction that she has time; and even though her body is aging; mentally she is not.

We all are aware that mind governs our body and many things around us. We can travel miles even though our body is sitting still. Mind is a powerful organ. It can help reverse our aging if we are determined towards it.

Mind Game
Thus, some women are playing the mind game where they want to achieve their dream by refusing to accept their age.

Jai ho to all the women who are playing the mind game, and wishing them the best!

Mantra for today:Mind is a powerful organ and can change a life dramatically.

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