Thursday, July 11, 2013

Write Tribe

Write Tribe has selected words and a story ought to ooze out of it. 

Join hands to have fun and be creative.

Below story is written by my kid, who is 10 year old.


On December 21st, 1999, the roads were busy. This was mostly because of the preparations for the upcoming New Year’s Party, where people would make their new year’s resolution.

Kids were totally into the Christmas spirit. They would pin each other with snowballs until each of them would pass out from the cold. They called it “Getting Hit in the Neck until You Pass Out”. The kids would flip a coin to see who would be their first target.  It was totally wild and fun.

Ninety-five percent of kids would play their snowball game while the other five percent would help their parents tidy up the house, decorate the Christmas tree and fall off the ladder many times while putting the star on the bush.

As the majority of the kids were on a rampage and were throwing at anything and anyone in sight, including babies and parents, the parents wrote postcards wishing their relatives in other states or countries around the world. As the sun set, the kids would come home and do a very peculiar thing: They would stare at the calendar and hope that staring at it would speed time up, and Christmas would come. When the Christmas pact would become active (made July 4th, 1776, with Declaration of Independence) kids are free of their chores and responsibility of making their bed, studying every day, and stuff like that on Christmas.

Finally Christmas is here, and kids jump up from their bed and rush to their Christmas tree. While playing with their gifts, they wish and hope that Christmas day never ends.

Mantra for today(as told by my kid): I wish Christmas would be a day free of chores!

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