Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to always be happy?

We all want to be happy and content in this lifetime.

But, life throws mangoes, potatoes, onions and stones at us. How can a poor soul always be smiling and happy?

Answer to the above is: Pretense

Do not have apprehensions from anyone.
Man is a good actor so, covering up your bruises and pains should help you put a sheet on your agonies and as the saying goes...out of sight; out of mind.

This will help you train your mind to be happy.

When your bruises are not visible, when your mind is trained to see only the happiness and sieve off the sorrows. Then all that is left is joy.

Training your mind and being aware of the present situation will help you cope up with all that is thrown at you.

Mantra for today: The power of pretense is wearing a happy mask, which tends to keep the pain at a distance.
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