Monday, July 15, 2013

Grow up!

As man is giving life to stone and is doing the unthinkable, he is also taking steps backwards and refusing to grow.

There  is about 18 percent of the population that are aged between 24-35 years of age and they refuse to grow. They are still living under the same roof of their parents, have no plans of their future and refuse to share responsibilities.

Unfortunately, age does not stop and even though they are growing physically, their minds wanna shrink and still continue doing things a teenager would do.

Since time does not wait for anybody, this kinda population will pass off the planet without experiencing a full life.

A full life consists of challenges and its shares of laughter and sorrows. This population wants to stay in a cocoon and be protected by their parents, but still want to have their fair share of enjoyment and pleasures of life.

Is that reasonable?

All souls existing on this planet gotta get their share of crisis and learn to face them either with a smile or a tear. The disputes they come across will toughen them up and help them endure life and help them learn to be sustainable under all circumstances.

Oh! man take charge of your life and be the torch bearer as you walk through a tunnel that will end to a path of enlightenment.

Mantra for today: Trod upon a path that you desire and challenge yourself each day. It is worth every breathe you take!

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