Friday, May 24, 2013

Why do I Blog?

FTSF is here. Join in the fun. Today's sentence is:

I blog because I find it therapeutic.

It is like standing in front of the mirror and talking to thy self. The only difference here is that many folks get to read what I talk/think.

I could relate it to as my diary, which a girl tends to write about and expresses her feelings in it.

This talk is not only encouraging for me but also helps uplift my spirits. It is healing me in many ways, and I hope I can touch many lives, as well.

I had started blogging years ago but stopped since did not have enough inspiration.

Thanks to Bloppy Bloggers group, where I got an audience and then started my out pour of emotions and although I only have 36 followers, my daily write up has inspired me in many ways especially on days when the grey clouds cover my mind, and refuse to budge.

Inspiration can be drawn from various channels, and I thank many of my blogger friends whose work has been equally inspiring, and I am what I am today thanks to many learning tools introduced by many.

Mantra for today: Adapt a hobby that heals your inner self.

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