Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Live a Little

Inspired by the above title, as I am juggling through a list of things at home and still have a pending To-Do list at work.

The Result:

The pressure is driving me crazy and make me communicate less to my better half. Tea time is the time to sit and share a little laughter's in the morning, but instead I am juggling my cooking and getting my kid ready for the school, which I am pretty sure can wait as I used to. Time is valuable, and I want to finish my deadlines but still don't to lose control of my duties at home.

Today, I write this memoir to remind myself that this kind of life will not come again. Let the pressures around me not distract me to sit and live a little of MY life.  

Duties, Responsibilities, Work will never end. What will end is my youth and my vigor to do stuff and if I don't make memories right now. I will not have anything to live by when I am old and haggard.

I gotta step out and enjoy nature walks and maybe click a few pix to keep nature with me. I also sometimes like to go to Pictimilitude and enjoy the nature captured by Cyndi.

Appreciate nature, appreciate people, appreciate time. Time will also appreciate your presence and help you get productive.

Mantra for today: Appreciation

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