Friday, January 25, 2013

The Black Stallion

When I was young, I had a black stallion.

He was gifted to me by my dad, who wanted me to be in safe and good hands when I start college.

I still can't forget the evening, when he surprised me with this black stallion. I was called outside, and there I saw him standing all shiny and sparkly as if talking to me. I was amazed by his looks and sharp features. His sleek body made me want to ride upon him instantly, but since it was dark, I was not permitted to do so.

I parked him safely in my shed and called it a night. Although, my night was restless; since I was itching to go for a drive, but waited till sun rise and off I went. Since this black stallion had speed, I was advised to wear a helmet.

Wearing a helmet, I pushed the ignition button and off I went....zo0o0om!

Psst...what did you think? Me riding on an actual horse to college!

My two wheeler was black in color and had a shiny armor, thus was named a Stallion!

He was my pride and armor, and I used to clean him every morning before hopping onto him, and I could feel that he loved it. His two tires were always checked for air pressure since the roads that I drove on were bumpy.

That was my first automated carrier, thus was extremely proud of it and took ownership responsibly.

Mantra for today: Responsibility comes with ownership.

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