Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hazards of Football

February 3rd is Super Bowl time. None of us needs a reminder for that.

This year, the two teams that are playing for the championship are: Forty Niners versus Baltimore Ravens.

The play will be aggressive with lots of physical strength and shoves. Players will be knocked out just to get the darn ball and make a touchdown. While the umpire will have two shades of flags with him and will be anxiously waiting to move it upon any player who is not following the guidelines.,

Seriously, What are the guidelines to this game?

Concussions are the highest in this game. Players physical being is at stake. No wonder these players are payed in six figures just to be able to withstand the grunt of the pain, which is at stake.

We have a barter system for the physical brunt.

But, in the end we all know that money is not the king, physical health is what matters. No wonder even our President  would not have let his son (if he had one!)  play this game.

Mantra for today: Health is Wealth
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