Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Lady in Red

The President of United States was sworn in a grand event, which was followed by an inaugural ball where all the dignitaries were present to honor the President and his family.

The First Lady chose to dress up in Red.

Her dress gave a lot of messages to the public, and it did not just prove that she has a pleasant taste in attire and fashion, but also stated to have positive belief in the coming years of presidency under the Obama's.

Human blood is Red in color, and this color indicates Passion, Positive Energy, Strength, and Determination to fight for any cause IF close to the heart.

Humans are noteworthy souls to have this color flowing through them, which indicates that we are unique and can achieve anything if we have the determination to attain it.

Mantra for today: Will power is just a tool for a  human to achieve his goal.

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