Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Right to education

Humans are intelligent souls so, they have a right to many things such as Freedom, Speech, Equality between each other and a right to get Educated.

No one should be spared from the above. Just as breathing in Oxygen is not yet taxed the same concept should be applied to humans desiring to study.

No girl or boy should be discriminated when they show a desire in gaining knowledge. Fortunately, America does not bar any living souls from getting educated.

This shout out is to all other countries where girls are not regarded equal to boys. They are considered to be home makers and be at home. Send your girls to schools and let them study. If they are educated, the future generation be will smarter and brighter than the current one.

If an individual is educated, she will rise to any challenges and help pave way for herself and her family.

In this world, where everything is ruled by money. When a person is in a financial soup, the wisdom will help her to work her way out of any money problems.

Education makes an individual smarter. Best wishes to Malala Yousufzai for a speedy recovery.

Mantra for today: Education is a right for each human. Grab it!
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