Friday, October 12, 2012

What Are You Thinking?

The Power of Mind

Thoughts come from your mind and even if mind is a Four-letter word, it is an important part of our body and can do wonders. It can nurture new thoughts. Humans are fortunate to have a mind of their own, but most are not aware of it and prefer to follow others than make their own path.

Mind can only think if it is at peace and is in harmony with the body. This quiet mind when is not overwhelmed with distraction then can actually think and come up with a zillion of ideas to solve a problem in his life.

Wonders of Mind
  • It can travel miles, while; the body is sitting in one place.
  • It can make plans for the future while the body is at rest.
  • It can innovate.
  • It can nurture positive or negative feelings in one self.
  • It can make the body heal.
  • It can make a sick person live for an extended period of time.
  • It can make us see beautiful or ugly things.
  • This mind can make us be at peace or make us restless and give us sleepless nights.
  • This mind can make us achieve anything.

Can we control our Mind?
It is difficult to control our mind at times. But we ought to be aware of our thoughts in the beginning. This awareness of our thoughts will make us be aware of our actions whether good or bad and this will gradually lead us to controlling our thoughts.

It is a reversible cycle.

Our thoughts lead us to actions. But, if our thoughts are monitored, then our actions will be performed consciously.
Awareness is the key to freedom!
If a man is Aware of his surroundings then he can make decisions relevant to them. Decisions can be good or bad at that time, but with time a person learns. This self-learning is a key to self-realization. That makes the person very independent and confident in whatever situation he is in. Whatever challenges; Life will offer can be faced with determination and valor.
Thus, next time when you are in a situation calm yourself by taking deep breathes and come in harmony within yourself. Then be aware of your thoughts and this gradual nurturing of the thoughts can help make your life beautiful and content in whatever state you are.

Mantra for today: Awareness
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