Wednesday, October 17, 2012

British Gas in the Air

Lately, British Gas was in the news. This company was trying to advertise himself through a British Olympian and the promotion got a little out of hand and went to the buttocks.

Seriously, British Gas logo went to the behind of his swimsuit. Now, that was rather unfortunate for both: the Olympian, Tom Daley and the company who was promoting himself via this champion.

Conclusion: Got to be careful where we place our logos 'cause this is a wild wild world and the media and public does not spare anyone if falter. 

However, Time is a big healer and things will eventually evaporate, but for now. British Gas and Tom Daley will be remembered in a BIG and smelly way!

Mantra for today: Think twice before going public OR be bold to face the music.
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