Monday, October 29, 2012

Do ya Shower everyday?

This conversation came up amongst my writer friends, and I started thinking about showers, which are usually taken every day by most of us. It is like a tradition for most of us.

I asked my friends around me as to why do most of us hit the shower the first thing in the morning and some of the main reasons is:

  • It is like a tradition and have never thought of escaping it.

  • The hot shower helps my joints moving and increase flexibility.

  • It helps me feel fresh and clean and help me wash off the bugs on me.

Some said: "why should we shower? We can always escape it."

  • Showering is such a waste of time and water. Save water and time.

  • No sweat means no need to shower since, no bugs on me.

  • Man invented colognes and perfumes, so use them and get fresh.

What is your reasoning for taking a shower or to avoid one?

I agree as a kid we were taught that just as brushing one's teeth is considered healthy so, is taking a shower. I am into that ritual of taking a shower cause I feel that is one thing I don't have to use my brain and just do it.

But, that should not be the case. We ought to look inside us and decide what WE want rather than following a pattern.

Mantra for today: Listen to your inner self.
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