Friday, October 26, 2012

Aah! the Effects of getting your Face Slapped

There are these professional slappers, and they originate from Thailand. It is reported that there are a total of 10 licensed face slappers in the whole world since, this kind of slapping needs expertise and getting oneself slapped is equivalent to getting a botox.


I believe in botox the technician numbs that area and injects it with antiwrinkle stuff. But, for getting a makeover via slapping, one needs to sit on the chair and loosen up and give up one's ego and allow this person to slap you on your face.

This slapping therapy is guaranteeing a face lift.


The blood vessels tend to "wake up" when the face is slapped, and there is a gush of blood flowing in that area giving it oxygen and nourishment. They say this slap method also works for breast enlargement.

I agree the impact of oxygen, it can do wonders on any part of our body. Infact a healing process fastens up if and when oxygen is supplied to that area. But instead why don't we just be mindful of breathing, and let nature help cease off those wrinkles.

Dunno how the breast enlargement would work in this though :P

Mantra for today: Be mindful of your breath.

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