Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Gnome named Ruch

Honestly, I had no clue which fairy tale creature I would like to be unless I searched for it and voila! There is a solution for every darn thing...The Internet led me to a fairy tale creature quiz.

After answering about ten questions, I was told that I should be a Gnome since I am as bright and active as this creature. Gnomes are wise and hand crafty, and supposedly I also have that quality.

Yes, Absolutely!

When someone measures your potential virtually and goes in-depth with your personality via just those few questions!

Amazing how I was handed the baton of what to be!

If I were a fairy tale Gnome, I would firstly bake lots of cookies, and not think twice prior to indulging myself followed by several cups of hot chocolate. To get to that size, I rather stretch the elasticity of the rubber band and venture into the unknown.

With that shape and size comes the bubbly personality, and thus the urge to always laugh, help and be cheerful 24 *7. Now, with that kind of character, I would have no stress, thus will be healthy and wise.

I don't know if that quiz was an actual me. A healthy happy living person or honestly wanting me to attain that kind of personality that will lead to a happy healthy me.

But, for now I will embrace the unknown and minus the calories intake while I shall try to adapt those beautiful characteristics towards a healthy and happy living.

Mantra for today: Bliss is unknown until it has been unveiled. Be aware of your surroundings to embrace it.


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