Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review of Beloo Mehra's book, The Thinking Indian

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Beloo Mehra, the author of, "The Thinking Indian", has touched many sensitive topics such as Spirituality, Culture, Hinduism and discussed them very exquisitely via the teachings of Sri Aurobindo's Essays. Thus, giving justice to the title of her book.

This yogi who breathed his last in 1950 was not just a philosopher but also a freedom fighter who later on introduced his visions on human progress and spiritual evolution that till date man is battling to recognize.

Words by Sri Aurobindo: "Behind everything in life there is an absolute, which the thing is seeking after in its own way; everything finite is striving to express an infinite which it feels to be its truth."

Lately, I heard a discussion of "Does God have a Future" hosted by Deepak Chopra, Sam Harris and a few other high-ranking speakers and philosophers of our time.
Man is still curious, probing and searching the truth about the divine and although there is still a lot of theories behind the absolute energy as scientists investigate further via the channels of the school of medicine, and physics to uncover the "truth". There is still a handful who are a skeptic. Thus, continuing the saga of discussions, arguments and counter arguments.
Happy that awareness is around to keep that discussion going on!

Next she went about discussing Culture and explained how it can never be a social behavior, but it is much deeper. Her example of shootings in school, a university in the USA was bang-on! How the people in the USA blame it on the system and not an individual thus avoiding resentment or further bloodshed. Logical reasoning is what is keeping the USA from progressing versus taking things personally or in their hands esp over such sensitive issues.

Her take on Hinduism and the future of inter-religious harmony in India where she talks about the Sanatana Dharma and how it has influenced other religions via the philosophical take on Sri Aurobindo's essay gives justice to her reasoning.

The author, Beloo also justified some logic on Movies, Art and Culture thus, giving the reader primarily an Indian some food for thought. This book will help stimulate an Indian to start thinking on his own, to examine all the data points in the light of the truth, and make the right judgement.

Ending with a quote of Sir Aurobindo:
"It is the one who can fathom and learn the truth of the world by thinking more, searching more, labouring more, who will gain more Shakti."

The author has done a commendable job on highlighting some sticky and discriminating issues and given the backing of a philosopher's mindset thus, stamping it with an approval for its readers to venture into this world, and not resist in introspection.

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