Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Role Model

As a teenager, some quotes are drilled into you, more so to keep you grounded since that is an age to dream big and turn all stones to reach the goals in life (at least for those who dare to dream)

" Life is not a book. Every time you make a mistake in your life, you can't go back and rewritten or redo it to make it right because life doesn't work that way."

" Believing is Succeeding. Believing will take you far, but Succeeding will take you further."

"How many shoes do you need? Look at those who have no feet."

Sure, being negative is not the key in bringing up a child, but my parents made sure I see the other side of the grass cause it is not only green but also helps keep a growing being to stay connected to his roots while he is being exposed to all the comforts of living.

"Wasting food? Look at those who don't get a single serving of food on a daily basis?"

The words would be harsh, no doubt. 

But, today that  gives me the respect, admiration for the people living on the streets, cause they are thriving in spite of their current conditions. Sure, they don't have a smile on their face but they are not crying either. As they look at all the passers by walking past them with their eyes hooked to their screens, they must be wondering what a carefree life they lead. At least they don't fret over their bills or mortgages and sleep content although theoretically their stomachs would be grumbling for a morsel, but at least their minds are carefree and jaunty.

Such people are thriving amidst the harsh surroundings that are a combination of weather, hostility and circumstances. I wonder how thick skinned they must be? 

One day water supply gets cut off, or the electricity goes off on a hot summer day or no transportation to be seen around, we bang our feet hard on the street with frustration and are shouting off at every person we come across and put up a status as "having a bad day" on social media outlets just to gain some sympathy.

What do these people do? nothing!

One such homeless person who walks down the street of my workplace. He opts out of the shelter for the night just to give his bed to another woman who needs it more than him since he can brave the cold and the terror on the lonely streets compared to a lonely homeless woman. 

He who has seen the four walls of a home, the comforts, the two servings of the hot meal to losing everything in the name of bad luck, fate or kismet is still composed at the tender age of 70 years old. He has no ambitions, since he has lived his life, and his memories are good enough to keep him company as he sits on the streets of Lucerne Drive while people walk past him throwing in a coin or two in his cup that clinkers and it gives him hope for a decent meal. He opens his eyelids now and then that droops either due to the heat or hunger and fatigue, to pick up the metallic money and slide them in his pocket. 

I gathered guts to ask him, "what keeps him alive and motivated at this age and in an old body?"

He had just a word for me, that gave me the shivers down the spine along with goose bumps cause even though this word has been spoken "n" number of times in sitcoms, radio shows and holy places, but when it came from a person who has  seen it all and is currently sitting in a dungeon with nowhere to go; made me feel that this four letter word can truly do wonders if clung to.


He dreams for a future that will be brighter than his today. His imagination is clinging onto the past fond memories that triumphed over all sorts of griefs and sorrows. He clings on this hope. This sure gives him the respect and appreciation and makes him a role model not just for me, but also for all the  who are climbing the ladder of life. 

Mantra for today: Dreams give hope, and that makes a person breathe.

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