Monday, December 2, 2013

Shedding tears while parting...

Mom was visiting me and even though we had a great time under the same roof for good 5 weeks; we departed with tears.

These tears could be a sign of,"I will miss you"

But, I was trying to understand the complexity of a human and also my behavior, when under the same roof, we would fight, argue, and even laugh on various issues.

We were quite satisfied with our time together and were ready to part ways so that we could tread upon our path of life and continue to do what we are good at..

Then, when parting, why would we shed a tear?

I felt that this tear symbolized about the issues I could have been open about, but did not care to, cause of my EGO.

I also realized that there were times when she wanted some of my time, but I did not give in cause of my own deadlines or a routine to follow.

I must admit; I would not be upfront with her over various subjects that affected us in many ways.

So, were those tears symbolizing an indirect, "Sorry!" besides saying, "I will miss you!"

Mantra for today: Personality check 24/7 can help an individual avoid repentance.

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