Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Man-Made Rights

"I am blessed to be a human," says one human to another soul with four legs.

"I am intelligent, and I rule this planet." he adds in proudly as his pet watches him with curiosity and thinks, "Ya right!"

Humans sure are the most powerful creatures on planet Earth, however; the stuff they do on a daily basis puts a shame to this unique anthropoid.

Each morning on different time zones, as man treads along his path of life, rarely does he touch any soul. Infact, the brunt of his actions and deeds and speech hurts his brethren as he walk along. He is always surrounded by nouns such as competition, ego and anger. This makes him an isolated soul even though he has traits of a social animal.

This is the time for the survival of the fittest. People who become victims of this brethren's anger, or ego tend to fall. Devastated and dejected from life and who brought this soul to this situation?

Man did!

Man is becoming man's biggest enemy!

Sovereignty reins, and money rules this planet.
He who has money, has a position, and thou shall live a happy life (understatement!)

This pet smirks on his master's remark and thinks, "They have the same color blood but are worse than the hounds and attack each other ferociously until they are left to die unattended. Those human rights they have on paper are usually chewed upon as cud by the cows or is recycled, for these so-called intelligent humans cannot bring practicality into their lives. Talking about it for hours but cannot implement it on themselves. Bow-Bow-Bow"

Oh Man! let us rise above this and use the gray matter that makes us superior to all the animals on this planet. 

Let us learn to live and let live others in peace, and happiness and learn to read those wise rules written by thy Man and try to implement them rather than taking it to our graves.

Mantra for today: Wake up before it is doom's day!

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