Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No Good Habit

I admit...I have no good habits.

Infact, all habits are bad and are nosed upon by many individuals.


What kind of human are you?

Well, the habit that I think is good could be considered bad in your eyes. So, even though I walk with confidence along the path of life, I am constantly judged by my "bad" habits.

Man lives in a society who is always judging. And since we are social animals, we like to go with the belief of what "others" ought to say. But, we need to be able to distinguish between our false self and true self. Gotta feel secure, accepted to our true self and get rid of our false self, which at times comes when we are overwhelmed with stress, doubts or insecurity.

Finding that peace within us helps us relax and bring our true self without the worry of what others ought to say about our habits.

Thus, today as I write this blog with someone commenting on my habits...I embrace with what I am and accept my true self with confidence and maturity.

Mantra for today: Being peace within you, can help eliminate all those X-factors that surround your life with negativity.

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