Monday, September 16, 2013

How to nourish your body and mind?

Mind is a Four-letter word but it is an important part of our body and can do wonders.
This organ is volatile and surprisingly, it impacts the body when it wanders around. This wandering can ignite a mind-body problem while stimulating a change in our mental state, which could be a pleasant or an unpleasant affair. This intimate connection between our mind and body can also impact our karmas since; it is dependent on our actions.

Desires can also allure the mind and eventually cause brunt to the physical self.

Can we control our MIND?
It is difficult to control our mind at times. But, to be aware of our thoughts is the beginning of a life changing process. We should be aware of our actions whether good or bad and this will gradually lead us to controlling our thoughts.
How can man control his thoughts and help avoid the stress to the physical body?

Awareness and being in the moment is the key!
As soon as your mind starts wandering
Pause, right there!
Rewind on your thoughts and make sure you make your mind; mind over you, and not over anybody else.
Try this small activity every now and then, and be amazed at how you can train your mind to be with you rather than wandering around aimlessly.
Man is an intelligent soul, and his mind can be programmed. Productivity increases once he controls the mind, and this results in accomplishment. He also tends to be more relaxed, attuned to himself and that results in contentment.
Imagine a life with no troubles or worries. Being content with whatever comes his way. That is like obtaining nirvana while living around materialistic things. Formulating our mind can help us attain our goal.
If a man is Aware of his surroundings, then he can make decisions relevant to them. Decisions can be good or bad at that time, but with time a person learns. This self-learning is a key to self-realization. That makes the person very independent and confident in whatever situation he is in. Whatever challenges Life will offer can be faced with determination and valor.
Thus, next time when you are in a situation and are thinking. Be Aware of your thoughts and gradually the nurturing of your thoughts will make you find Life beautiful in whatever state you are dwelling in.

Mantra for today: Mind and Prosperity of Man are related.

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