Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rocked the Summer!

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Today's sentence is:

My best summertime memory this year was to see my kid play in a Rock Band

It was an emotional scene for a mom to see her son on the stage in front of new faces but, his passion made him draw a translucent sheet that he could only see his parents and thus, was not at all petrified.

He started his music journey 3 years back with a $25 guitar bought from Target. Baby steps but steady indeed made him move from his two digit valued guitar to an acoustic and then hop to an electric guitar. However, the passion did not happen overnight. I had to sit beside him encouraging him to rehearse his music and at times even remind him endlessly to practice each day.

Phew! there were times I used to pull my hair and wished that I could practice on his behalf; just to avoid the on and on reminders.

Mom and son were sharing an incompatible relationship when it came to practicing music.

When he was standing on the stage, all those memories seemed to pass by me as I gave a gentle smile and thanked my patience and persistence to go on about his practice each day like a Duracell battery.

Passion can be evoked by practice, and I am happy that my tenacity could make him reach this level due to his hard work and my intimations.

Mantra for today: Persistence can evoke a hobby into a passion.

Enclosing a video of his performance above.
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