Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Power of a Smile

Just yesterday while grocery shopping, I came across a person who was nasty and rude. Initially I was very confused and hurt. Did not understand why. 
Below is my take on how to deal with such people.
Man is known to be a social animal. Thus, wanna socialize but, when someone is rude to him, he will tend to get upset, frustrated or react back quickly with that same attitude.
Very rarely would he pause and feel the pain of the other person. 
Ego's come in between and we tend to play the blame game. 
Ponder upon
Losing temper over the person who was rude to you...Will that help YOU in the long run? 
Will it give YOU peace of mind by being disrespectful to him? 
Infact, it will just make YOU uncomfortable and hurt YOU more.
What are the options?

This smile will help you digest the disrespectful behavior and you will be proud of yourself when you remember this episode. 

Mantra for today: Reactions made in haste are always injurious to one's health.

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