Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fresh Food Choices

Demand and Supply have always been on a roll.

Man is intelligent to see what his brethren seeks thus, the increase in fast food aisles.

I have seen individuals enter the grocery store and head towards those lanes. Life is simple for those who have slogged the whole day and needs to silent their tummy by eating just about anything. All they need to do is thaw and heat and eat.

Percy Spencer is thanked each day of our lives as man continues to use his invention as he tosses food to thaw or heat thus, avoiding the use of a cookware or gas.

Even though some of us are on the run, we always cherish fresh food and healthy choices. It is just the time factor that makes us elope with the fast food choices.

Needless to say, how our bodies inflate with the hidden chemicals, and fats; when me choose to have frozen foods.

Places where fresh food is made in front of you appeals to many.

Lately, a place is making ice-cream from the scratch. They use Liquid nitrogen to freeze all the ingredients as they churn milk and add the desired flavor of the consumer.

This store has names of different flavors exhibited, but No ice-cream on display.  Milk, natural ingredients, and a churning machine with a tank of Liquid nitrogen are on the showcase. Such a plain looking store, but it has so far attracted many to get a taste of ice-cream that has no additives or preservatives.

My 2 cents
Programming one's mind for fresh produce is the key to good health. Being able to distinguish between frozen, and natural can do wonders to the body.

Mantra for today: The belly rules the mind, program it in such a way that it yearns for fresh produce!

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