Monday, May 6, 2013

Aah! the wonders of Wool

Care to chuck out Laundry from your list for many days?

There is a shirt in the market that propaganda's to be worn for 100 days without washing.

Tested and worn for 100 days. The shirt is made out of a fabric that can take in the odor and be wrinkle free for 100 LONG days!

However, choosing to opt out from a chore is not easy. The customer has to shell out $98 for this  shirt.

Wool fiber is behind the science of this wrinkle free, odorless, long lasting shirt.

My 2 cents

I will rather go for my $9.99 shirt and enjoy being vibrant by wearing a fresh shirt each day.

Since, this is a market for consumers and their likings. Thus, erupted the concept of wearing a garment for 100 days without washing.

Mantra for today: Consumer is the king, and he tends to decide on the success of a product.

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