Friday, January 18, 2013

All Inclusive Vacation

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The last time I went on Vacation, it was an all inclusive package deal, and we remember it quite often, but with a laughter, and conclude our thoughts with a statement, "Thank Heavens!"

Last Christmas, we decided to cruise on the Pacific towards Mexico. It was a 6 day cruise. Had a group of friends along so, if we as a couple would get bored of each other; we had company to mingle with. However, our kid was happy with other kids, and he was granted the pass to move all over the ship, but with at least 2 children along with him. After setting the rules, and making sure, he hangs his badge over his neck, so we don't hear him lamenting that he lost his badge. We started on our journey of exploration as a couple.

We explored the ship, and enjoyed the many perks of traveling on a cruise such as spa, unlimited food, entertainment.

The real excitement came when we reached our first port, Puerto Vallarta. We went on land and bought some packages for water recreational activities. Language was a barrier. But, we could connect the dotes with their broken English and their body language. Paid up the amount in US $$ and started following the person. We were in a group of 20 people (including kids) so, did not fear which part of the island he would take us since; we were a majority! He directed us to a boat and told us that the boat man will take us to the destination (pointing towards a direction) where our fun expedition will start.

We boarded a boat, with no life jackets. Not particularly happy, but thought the water would be shallow and did not argue with our driver on this, who  would stare at us when spoken to. In the middle of our destination, our boat started shaking violently, and we realized it was a bad bad idea to be without life jackets, but we were in the middle, and no escape now. That was our freeze moment. We started shouting, hoping this shout does not need any language to understand that we need help.

After a few minutes, which seemed L-O-N-G for us. Help arrived and took us to our destination. The boat man fled away. We did not care much about him. When we arrived that side, we showed a native guy our pass to entertainment. But, alas such a ticket did not exist. We were duped!

Bought tickets again and started our water journey.

Mantra for today: Betrayal does not come with any sign. Gotta watch out all the time.
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