Tuesday, May 7, 2013

HOW to program your Mind?

Mind is an organ that wanders even if his body is stationed. This mind will wander into others lives.

Is that necessary?

How can I make my mind; mind over myself rather than others?

Awareness and being in the moment is the key!

As soon as your mind starts wandering.
Pause, right there!

Rewind on your thoughts and make sure you make your mind; mind over you, and not over anybody else.

Try this small activity every now and then, and be amazed at how you can train your mind to be with  you rather than wandering around aimlessly.

Man is an intelligent soul, and his mind can be programmed. Productivity increases once controlled by him, and this results in accomplishment.

Humanity one World (H.O.W.) is here to help man progress. Join hands to learn more.

Mantra for today: Mind and Prosperity of Man are related.
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