Friday, May 3, 2013

Stranded on an island

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“If I were stuck on an island, I would like to have lots of fruits, and only fruits!"

What a better way to detox myself while being isolated from mankind. It is like a double detox, and all natural.

Being an island, growing fruits should be their only occupation.

Lose weight, and get the glow
Get all my antioxidants in a natural way instead of popping them in
Get my positive energy and vigor 

A double advantage for me, in all angles.

Away from civilization (for a couple of days) and getting myself detoxed.

Then when I have reached my desired goal of weight, I can make a SOS from my Fruits, and ask for help.

Mantra for today: Fruits are our natural bounties. We just gotta learn to gratify their existence.

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