Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Common Man

Sometimes, I doubt if being a common man is praiseworthy. This common man has the toughest life on this planet. He is not guaranteed any comforts from birth and has to work towards it. He faces all the downs when the economy is at a brink. When the economy is doing terrific, the upside is rarely enjoyed by him, but he sure gets a coupon here and there to enjoy the perks.

Common man is hard hit whenever a catastrophic event occurs. When mother nature strikes, he faces the brunt of it. When inflation is at its highest, this common man suffers since his pay does not increase as a result, it restricts his power of purchases.

Amidst all these hassles of the everyday life, he also faces dishonest officials who want to churn out the small resources that this common man has saved for emergencies. Corruption makes the common man to be  strip naked.

This common man suffers a lot through out his lifetime, but he always meets with a smile and extends a hand when another man is in trouble. I am proud to be this common man although, the hassles of every day demotivate me but, the inner conscious speaking to me constantly makes me feel how blessed I am to have a conscious since many people have lost it amidst the hustle bustle of life.

Being a common man is tough but it takes a lot of work and motivation to walk a single step in this life.

Mantra for today: Jai Ho to a Common Man!

Would like to dedicate this post to R.K. Laxman who sketched the common man's woes in his daily cartoons in TOI. 
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