Monday, November 5, 2012

My Husband makes me a better person

I did not write the above statement because yesterday was a festive day for us (Karvachauth)

I am writing this because of an incident had happened lately, and I thought he needed some appreciation for it. Although telling it to the world will not make him a super star but, writing it down on how I feel it; will make me excuse him when he is untolerable ;-)

There have been cases when I have been upset over another individual's behavior. I finally gave up on that person and started bitching about her, how she behaved and how she did this and that. I was loud and blurted out whatever was there in my mind. Needless to say, I felt so light after that.

After all the loud bitching, (my kid was not around) I looked at him since wanted a sympathetic response from him. But, nah it did not happen.

He maturely smiled and said, "I sure do hope your cursing and bitching helped change that person."

He was right.

My stressing over an individual, her behavior did not do anything to her, than stressing me out and made me forget to live in the present, which is so essential.

Why fret over someone, who cannot change. Just take it with a pinch of salt and gulp down the tequila shot :)

Researchers say that every time you stress, an abnormal cell divides and the repercussions could be enormous if we do not de-stress.

Mantra for today: Do not Stress over a human being, they are what they are.

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