Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gender Equality toys

When a boy is born in a family, he usually gets toy cars, car tracks to run his cars upon. It is all about automobile or plastic play guns.

When we have a girl in a family, she is usually gifted with lots of dolls and teddy bears and doll houses.

Man has discriminated them from the beginning as a result, when the girl grows up she is usually surrounded by the chores of the house besides being an independent woman. While the boy usually goes to work and comes home to put his feet up and watch TV. He obliges his better half if he assists her in the home chores.

Sweden is defying all the laws that man made earlier.  Their recent changes to the toy catalog have created a stir. They are asking the toy manufacturers to advertise with all the toys to be equal gender. Example: A boy can play with a doll. A girl can be seen playing with plastic guns or toy cars.

What will be the outcome?

Children playing all roles as a child will be happy individuals when grown up.
The girls will not be burdened with house work and cleaning chores. Men will be able to develop their softer side when dealing with babies and be able to communicate better as an individual. 

Mantra for today: Open all your inhibitions and you will find that you breathe better.

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