Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Fury of Mother Nature

Our Planet is our home, and this home can sometimes get angry for various reasons...some could blame it on Global Warming or Karma or just pure Weather conditions that have gone seriously wrong.

This planet, our home when gets enveloped by strong and fury winds could bring in a lot of disaster since humans are thriving on every inch of this planet.

Man has progressed in many ways. He has changed his lifestyle because of his inventions. But, when it comes to natural disasters, we are helpless. No gadget can help save us from this fury.

Is this trying to tell us something?

Could be in a spiritual language.

That, however; high we soar with technology and try to bring in luxuries in our life, but we are mere humans whose composition is made up of those elements present on our planet namely oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

Eventually, our bodies are cremated or buried onto this planet where it gets mixed with the basic essence of our planet. We are one of the components of this planet, and, however; high we fly in our careers or life, we will all come back and mingle with the basic essence of life that make up this planet, Earth.

Mantra for today: To stay grounded and count our blessings.
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