Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Wish Drive

Every year we get a few random wishlists of children and try to fulfill their wish list with regards to toys.

I was amazed by the list this year....Easy Bake oven ($44.99)/ Furby collection ($50)/ Lego Starwars (starting at $40)

Earlier, I used to spend about $25 per wish list, but I guess with so many expensive toys out there, children would be curious to use them and play with them. Thus, the above wish list.

However, I fail to understand why would a parent be investing such an enormous amount on such toys? Children are too young to be given such expensive toys since they hardly know how to take care of them. If there would be few consumers, I believe the manufacturers would also limit their production or make these toys a little reasonable.


Personally, I would be rather investing in a book or an encyclopedia with that large an amount, but for now, will be going and purchasing these toys since; I have promised the giving tree for supplying with their kids demands.

Question: What is your opinion about investing so much in toys?
Is it just me who is being a little dramatic over it?

Mantra for today: Simple tastes take us distance.
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