Friday, November 16, 2012

What helps us stay Motivated?

In this competitive world, when there are distractions everywhere, how do we remain focused and motivated on our goals?

This comes with passion.

If we have a passion for the goal in our life. We can continue to walk amidst the storm. We will continue to strive hard on our purpose even if there are objects that will steer us away from our purpose.

Ask an arthritis patient whose hip joints and knee joints have given away. She will continue to wake up at the crack of dawn  even if the pain makes her each step difficult. Her goal is to pack lunches for her family. Her aim is to be there for her kid and husband. The pain sometimes causes her to get Demotivated in life, but her passion for her family makes her absorb the distraction and stay focused.

Ask a common man standing outside a hardware store for his daily job. His goal is to get his daily wages so that he could support himself and his family. The biting cold can sometimes Demotivate him, or there could be some days when they would not get hired. But, he continues to stand outside the store, rain or shine with hope, and the motivation to get his daily job and continue to pay for his daily needs.

So, next time when you are surrounded by negativity. Think about this one life you have to make a difference. Think about your passion and this will help you stay motivated.

Mantra for today: Think about your goals in life.
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