Monday, November 19, 2012

How to be Productive?

I never realized this, until the month of November advent upon me, and I took up the challenge to write 50,000 words in this month besides running my normal errands and other writing obligations.

Initially I thought I am just nervous thus, keep going back and forth from my Hubpages to yahoo to facebook accounts and then again to my writing document. I would excuse myself with the pretext that my creativity needs a sparkle hear, and there thus, it's totally acceptable to go back and forth every 20 minutes or so...End product...Sunset embarks upon my little town, and I am still working on my 2,000 words of the novel.

Not productive at all, since my other writing was not happening. I had to prepare my coursework for my Reiki students and was still struggling with fate and kismat and destiny with my characters of the novel.

I started to think that I have ADHD and did not realize it until now. I was shocked but also thought that it never too late to get treated so, took it in the positive stride.

So, how to be productive?

Stay focused on my assigned work for 1 hour continuously and DO not open any site or link. There were times that after 10 minutes, I would stare at my text of the document, and hope that they talk to me since; I was getting utterly bored of these lifeless characters. But, I stuck to my code.

And as soon as my clock ticked 11am. I went to open my FB account and was glad to see so much activity happening there. I felt alive. I timed myself for 10 minutes and clicked on the X button and came back to the document.

Initially, I was extremely unhappy but then it felt my characters were talking to me, so I went and stroked their back with my letters. Voila, In two hours time, I could achieve my 2,000 words.

Mantra for today: Focus and determination pays off

I hope I continue to do this tomorrow :)
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