Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to be an Amazing Person?

We should be surrounded by some simple adjectives that can help magnify our personality and also accentuate our inner self.

Some simple traits, which could make an everlasting impression:
  • To Listen--lend your ear to your friends and family members.
  • Be considerate-try not to judge them when they are speaking their heart out.
  • Give options-they are in a difficult state of mind and must be puzzled. Do not impose your thoughts on them instead, give them options.
  • Depart with a smile or a hug--that always assures them that you were delighted to help them out and not obliged.
  •  Keep in touch--try to contact them every now and inquire about their status.
Rule of the world: People flock where there is happiness.

Unfortunately, nothing is constant. Today if that person is happy, there will he sorrow surrounding him tomorrow.

Stick to your principles and be an exception.

Break the rules and be near those friends or family members who are in utmost need of emotional caring. They will cherish those memories of you when you were sticking to them during hard times rather than joining in with their laughter's.

Mantra for today: Nothing is permanent

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