Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Period of Doubt

Since all of us are imperfect, there are times when we face ambiguity on various junctions in life.

Sure, that is normal.

Question is how do we come out of it?

Do we start biting our nails (which some of us do) or breathe rapidly?

Alas, none works cause we gotta pay attention to things that will make us patient and calm at that point. It could either be deep breathing for some, exercise for many or meditate for a bunch.

Whatever helps to calm your nerves at that point of time to feel better, just do it.

A period of apprehension can make any individual lose sight of what is right or wrong, and that can either make him take a hasty decision, which could turn into something disastrous.

Pondering over it for hours is helpful or even sleeping on the issue would be recommended.

A new morning gives a new insight to the problem with a positive approach.

A classic example that the corporate world tries to use is giving a pink slip on Friday's.

Ever wonder why?

No, not because it is Thank God It is Friday (TGIF), but it gives an individual to ponder over his next move.

Theoretically the individual has a weekend (which usually is a lull period for all), where he can analyze his next move, and he can choose to ground himself, research his avenues, and look into reshaping his future by making adjustments to his present situation.

Similarly, ask a high schooler whose one test score brings her GPA down. Questions such as "Why", "How" are very common. Honestly, there is no turning back but, moving forward with a new perspective will only come to her rescue.

Ask an individual who has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Sure, there is shock and tears with the thought that how could my body do this to me? The period of doubt makes a person's thought process slow down. But, then ultimately he fights back to stay in the game.

My 2 cents
Time is not constant, and that makes the period of doubt unsteady. This results in nothing being constant, neither joy nor the ambiguity in life.

How do you deal with apprehensions?

Mantra for today: We all are living a life that is cryptic and arcane thus, a small period of problem is like a needle in the haystack. Live it up!


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