Saturday, September 20, 2014

United over one front

Sam woke up from the bellowing noise.

Curious what was happening, he turned on the radio to find out that the town is soon going to be under the siege of the hurricane Sandy.

Sweat trickled down his forehead, as he looked around his home. A home he had gingerly constructed after conserving every penny could turn into history.

He murmured to himself, "You have a choice to make, Sam" took in a deep breath and continued, "Either you transude with this construction or get another life, and build it all again."

Strong words, but he chose to run.

Run like many other individuals towards a building that was made just for this kind of day.

An architecture that could take in the whole township, yet allow them to see a peep of the outside world via a siphon.

A Pipe that could give them a huff of oxygen, sunlight, and a peep of a violent windstorm, while making the diverse crowd thankful as they gather under one roof united over one front.


Above story written for Short Story Flash Fiction

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