Thursday, September 18, 2014

Desires and Regrets!

The moment a baby is born, parents rejoice and make promises to each other to be there for this angel. 

Sure, all newbie parents have a pure heart and want to be there for their bambino. 

But most of the time, this little child spends his time in the day care, and his first moments are lost in the hustle bustle of the over populated child care centers.

However, the owners make sure to inform you of their milestone and are even courteous to picture it over which you would get teary eyed, and curse yourself for not being there.

However, the next day the same drama of kissing the toddler goodbye cause of a deadline at work.

Days have turned into months and years. Today your child is leaving for college, and as you stand there with a scarf to cover your grey hair, you ponder over all the years that went by, and you never really had the time to pause and connect with him besides celebrating his success's, milestones, and accomplishments.

Although your inner voice will try to justify by saying, "Who had the time? I had bills to pay and mouths to feed and deadlines to meet."

Your heart will smirk at your comment and remark, "Have you never heard of the proverb, "if there is a will; there is a way?"

That silents you're conscious, and as you hug him with moist eyes you just want to go back and rewind all those years, but Alas! Life does not work like this!!

Mantra for today: Life is way too short for regrets then why not live each day on your terms by being aware of your desires.

FTSF is here, and the quote for today is: Life is way too short for
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